Spinning: Drop Spindle Class

 Oct 15, 2017
Spinning: Drop Spindle Class
Learn the ancient art of drop spindling.  This is how yarn and materials were made thousands of years ago and still today. Using roving or fibres you will learn how to create yarns of your own style and use.  This class will get you started using a spindle to create yarns that will amaze you. With in a few hours you'll be creating your own yarn and planning your next project using your own hand spun. There is so much you can do with hand spun and it will give you a sense of joy to know you created your own yarn to knit or crochet with!
Teacher: Jane
Materials Required:  A drop spindle and approximately 2 ounces of spinning roving.
*Materials can be purchased from Spun at 10% OFF the regular price, before/after class, based on the teacher's recommendations.

Prerequisites: Ability to work with wool.

Cost: $55 (materials not included)
Time: 3 Hours

Date: Wednesday, July 12 (1:00 - 4:00pm)


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