Weaving: Weaving Workshop

 Apr 21, 2018
Weaving:  Weaving Workshop
Learn the basics of weaving on a portable loom. We will warp the loom, weave a basic fabric with the shuttle, and use a tapestry needle to create colour changes. If desired, bring along special yarns, small objects, rovings, ribbons, beads, anything you would like to embellish your woven fabric.
Teacher: Jennifer
Materials Provided: A small frame loom kit complete with shuttle, straight comb and a tapestry needle. We will also provide you with a sport or lace weight warping yarn, and a variety of yarns with different textures and weights for weaving. 
Materials to Bring: If desired, you may want to bring yarns from your own stash if you have a specific design or colour scheme in mind. Also, small objects, beads, ribbons, and rovings may be brought to embellish the finished fabric. A pencil and paper appropriate to quick sketching would be very helpful.

*Materials can be purchased from Spun at 10% OFF the regular price, before/after class, based on the teacher's recommendations.

Prerequisites: None.

Cost: $75  (This workshop includes materials valued over $40.00) 
Time: 3 Hours 
Dates: Saturday - April 21 (10:30am - 1:30pm)

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