Needle felting: Bee on a wire

 May 28, 2017
Needle felting: Bee on a wire
Learn the basic techniques of needle felting and celebrate by creating a cute bee buddy of your own! This class is for any level and great for kids who love crafts and aren't afraid of a sharp needle.

Techniques to be learned: Create a core shape, wrap wool around wire, create yellow stripes and apply to shape, create bee wings and attach to figure, and basic eye detailing.
Teacher: Cathy
Materials Required: All materials are provided.
Prerequisites: None.
Cost: $45 (materials included)
Time: 2 hours 

Date: Thursday, May 11 (5:30 7:30pm)

Date: Sunday, May 28 (1:00-3:00pm)

Date: Thursday, June 29 (5:30-7:30pm)


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