Needle Felting: Goldfinch Charm

 Apr 20, 2018
Needle Felting: Goldfinch Charm

Spring is on its way and our feathered friends will be returning back from their winter vacations. And some birds, like the American Goldfinch, braved the Canadian winter with us. Let’s celebrate by creating a cute needle felted Goldfinch charm. You can turn this charm into a keychain, purse dangle, cellphone decoration, necklace...the possibilities are endless!! 

Techniques to be learned: Create a core shape using the rolling technique, wing and tail shapes, skewer technique for beak, body detailing, and adding a ring hook to your bird.

Teacher: Cathy

Materials Required:  

Wool: .25 oz - Core Wool5 grams – 045 Lemon wool, 5 grams - 014 Licorice (Black) wool, 1 gram – 024 Orange wool  
Needles:  1 - 36 Triangle Felting Needle, 1 - 38 Spiral Felting Needle
Prerequisites: None
Cost: $40 plus materials
Time: 2 Hours
Date: Friday, April 20 (10:30pm - 12:30pm)
*Please Note: This class will be cancelled if less then 3 students sign up. Class maximum is 5 students.

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