• Knit: Designing and Knitting with Hand Paint/Dyed Yarn - Gestalt Effect

Have you ever purchased a beautiful skein of hand painted yarn that “looks like mud” when knit?  Have you wondered why the pattern picture

looks wonderful and your work does not? Visually appealing fabrics are often “Gestalt” fabrics.  This workshop
introduces Gestalt theory for application in yarn purchase, knitting design, and pattern selection.  
Three essential steps are necessary for maintaining the beauty of a hand paint skein:
·      Understanding the skein’s color patterns
·      Choosing stitches that highlight the color pattern
·      Selecting a pattern that creates an effect that is more than the sum of the stitches, fiber, and colour 

This workshop is taught in a workbook format.  Students will analyze a broad range of hand paint/dyed skeins, successful projects, and failed projects in order to identify stitches and patterns most suited to the unique characteristics of the yarn. Although all materials for the class are provided, students are asked to bring one or two skeins of hand paint/dyed yarn for investigation.

Teacher: Kitty Bryan
Materials Required
A skein of hand paint/dyed yarn from your stash or Spun that you have no idea what to do with it or how to use it.
Prerequisites: None
Cost: $85
Time: 4 Hours 
Dates:  Sunday - June 10 (10:00am - 2:30pm)

*This class will meet at Spun Fibre Arts for the first two hours of class.  At noon, there will be a break for lunch and class will resume in the multi-purpose room at Taste of Columbia Cafe and Coffee Shop just a few doors down on Bronte Road.

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Knit: Designing and Knitting with Hand Paint/Dyed Yarn - Gestalt Effect

  • $85.00 CAD

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