• Project Doctor
Have a problem with your project? Call to set up an appointment with one of our instructors at the store and she'll get your project(s) sorted out! Perfect for the knitter, crocheter, or needle-felter who needs more than a few minutes of help. The instructor helps fix mistakes, demonstrates techniques, and gets your project back on track. With appointment times available most days, we'll get you in to see the "doctor" in no time!  

Teachers: Bev or Chelsea (knitting), Christina (crochet) and Cathy (needle felting).
Materials Required: Your problem project(s)
Prerequisites: None.

Cost: $20/hour or $15/hour with two or more people.
Time: Minimum 1 Hour
Dates: Call for available dates and times or to book an appointment!

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Project Doctor

  • $20.00 CAD

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